Just a little photo share today, of my son David, blowing dandelion fuzz in the field at my home studio, near Millarville.

Although we as adults have been geared to hate dandelions, the sunny yellow flowers, and now the puffy magical seeds are irresistible for kids. My kids have been picking me dandelion bouquets for the past few weeks, and now they are enjoying blowing the seeds everywhere.

On a side note, now that my husband keeps bees, I no longer have the hatred of dandelions, as we’ve come to appreciate them as a valuable  spring forage crop for honeybees. This knowledge has given our boys an extra appreciation of these flowers as well.

I guess we all can learn a lesson in perspective here.

Kids Blowing Dandelion fuzz Kids Blowing Dandelion fuzKids Blowing Dandelion fuzz

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