little boys with their wagon

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Here’s a little throwback from last summer, at about this time, of my two boys. We had recently watched “Dennis the Menace” ( the 1993 Movie starring Mason Gamble, and Walter Mattheu), and I loved how Dennis’s wagon was filled with all of his “little boy” stuff. I don’t usually go overboard on props, but I thought this would be a fun theme, to base a mini children’s photo-shoot on.

To recreate the wagon, I used our vintage Radio Flyer wagon, and filled it with al of our boys “stuff”. A slingshot, a wooden gun that shoots elastic bands, a coffee can filled with grasshoppers, a rubber alligator in a jar (the kind that get really big when you leave them in water), and a teddy bear, among other paraphernalia.

little boys with their wagon


We had bug nets along with us, to try and catch the many moths, along the way.

little boy catching bugs


There was this great patch of yellow wildflowers by my home studio near Millarville, which made a great backdrop for us. Brodie’s favourite colour is yellow, so he was very willing to be photographed by these flowers he’d been admiring every day.

little boy portrait with his wagon and dog

It was a super hot summer day, not unlike the days we’ve been having lately, so our photo shoot didn’t last too long.


Brodie was being super silly, and making us laugh with his goofy antics. I love his little boy summer look, with his longer hair, and super tanned skin. We called him surfer boy all summer.


David was pretty interested in all the stuff in the wagon. A lot of neat things in one place.


Usually I prefer natural children’s portraits, but every so often, it’s fun to set up a theme, let them have some fun, and use our imaginations.

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