Canadian Forces Snowbirds

High River Airshow

Yesterday our family attended the High River Airshow, at the High River Regional Airport. It had been years since I attended an Airshow, so I was pretty excited.

I had the idea, rather last minute, to invite my brother down to see the show. He has his own plane, so he flew in for the afternoon, and we met him at the Okotoks Air Ranch Airport. As it often goes with last minute plans, we ended up cutting it short for arrival to the Airshow. Although we were technically on time for the show, the turnout was massive, and we ended up being stuck in one of several lines of vehicles, miles long, trying to get to the Airshow.

I was a bit disappointed, as I was very eager to see the Snowbirds up close, and hoped to capture some photographs of their spectacular act.  We did get to see most of their act from our further away vantage point, but we didn’t quite get the show that we were hoping to see.

Snowbirds Snowbirds at High River Snowbirds Canadian Forces Snowbirds


We did like seeing these baby hawks up close, in a tree by the side of the road, as we waited in line. They were a fitting prelude to the Skyhawks at the Airshow.

baby hawks in their nest

We were queued for an hour, before we finally made it onto the grounds. Luckily, there were still a few acts left.


The Skyhawks put on a good show!

Airshow-78 Canadian Forces Skyhawks

The Twin Otter was the plane the Skyhawks used to take them up.

Twin Otter at High River Airshow

The F-18 Hornet is always exhilarating, and deafening, as it blasts by overhead, and you feel the jetwash.

f-18 Jet

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible!

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