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Hike at Brown-Lowery Park

Yesterday the boys and I needed a summer outing. Inspired by the Facebook page “Taking a Hike with Your Children” (I still need to buy the book), I’ve decided to set a goal of one hike per week for the kids and I, for the rest of the summer.

I thought we’d best start small, and close to home, so I decided on Brown-Lowery Provincial Park,  a mere 10 minute drive from our house, between Millarville, and Bragg Creek. (We didn’t even need to pack a picnic, just a few snacks, and some water)

Donated to the Province by the Home Oil Company, Brown-Lowery is a little known, but enjoyable Provincial Park, where you can have a peaceful hike, and reconnect with nature. 

All of the trails we did were in forested areas. We enjoyed the singing birds, carpets of wildflowers, buzzing dragonflies, and the various pleasant scents of the forest. (and some not as pleasant smells of a skunk)


alberta wildflowers of the foothills


There were plenty of wooden bridges over small creeks, which are always fun for kids, as we recall fables of trolls, and billy goats. When you don’t reach a picnic area, wooden bridges are as good a place as any to stop and rest.


hiking with kids woodland stream


The kids indulged me as much as kids will, as I stopped to photograph the many kinds of wildflowers, before I got – “Mom, lets go!”


wood lily wildflowers


Our dog Max was our protector, as I’m sure there are many creatures back there, that I was not too keen on encountering with children. At the trailhead, when we set out, there were several sturdy walking sticks left behind by other hikers, so I grabbed one for the hike, just in case, in addition to my dog, and bear spray.


black lab


It was enjoyable afternoon. The boys and I did 3km in total. Brodie and I could have done more, but David was very tired by the end. It was a good day, and there are still plenty of trails left to discover next time.


Alberta wildflowers


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