Newborn Portraits Close Up

Welcome to the World! We’re So Glad You’re Here!

It was such an honour to capture these precious Newborn Portraits for this family at their home in Millarville, located southwest of Calgary.

Aside from my own children, this was my first time photographing a Newborn only a few days old. Typically, my previous clients have waited for a month or more to have their baby’s portraits made. It takes some dedication on the parents’ part to make this kind of session happen, while they are adjusting to life with a newborn, but I’m so happy this family made the effort, and I was able to capture some moments that this family can cherish forever.

It would be my pleasure to capture many more Newborn Sessions in the future, as it is such a joy to help a family celebrate these first moments in their child’s life.

Thanks to his Mom, and her true appreciation of photography, I’ll have the privilege of photographing Baby K several more times, chronicling his first year, with lifestyle photography in “Watch Me Grow” photo sessions, with the final product being a keepsake photo album of Baby K’s first year.

Baby K is such a perfect, sleepy baby, who spent most of our session dreaming the sweet dreams of a baby. A curled up bundle of joy!

Millarville Newborn Portraits


Newborn Portraits Close Up 

Sister S, is a proud big sister, as she now will embark on the lifetime of laughter and fun that siblings share. Being a big sister has many rewards, and a few challenges, as when her new brother spit up all over her pretty dress. But big sister S, was a good sport, and she still wore a smile as she posed for these portraits with her baby brother.


Newborn Portraits


It was such an honour to re-create these special images of Baby K with his Dad’s 2006 Olympic Medal! Sister S had her portraits taken with it when she was a newborn, and it was definitely a “must have” image for this family.

Special Newborn Portrait

As is the case with many families, dogs are a part of the family too. It was important to have a family portrait with their dog, who is very old, but fortunately still in this world to welcome the newest member of their family.


Newborn Family Portrait Newborn Family Portrait Mother Baby Newborn Portraits Father Son Newborn Portraits

A big thank you to the family for inviting me into their home to capture all of these beautiful, precious moments. It was truly an honour. I look forward to watching Baby K grow!

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