Foothills Family Portraits

A Gift of Gold

Here’s a little sneak peek from yesterday’s Family Portrait session taken around my home studio, near Millarville, AB.

Melissa and Doug, and their three great kids joined me for an absolutely beautiful evening of fall photography in the foothills.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the warm fall sun, the brilliant colors, and the mesmerizing mountain views. Our photo shoot took us for a bit of a hike, as we explored several great spots in the area, allowing us to make the most of the scenery, and take in a variety of views.

The kids were troupers as they endured encounters with a red ant, a spider, and our excitable 7 month old puppy.

We kept our session going right until the last golden rays of sunlight gave us their gift of magical light.


Millarville Family Portraits Millarville Family Portraits Peters-119tw Foothills Family Portraits Foothills Family Portraits

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