Kids winter Portratis

Our Week in Pictures-Snow Days

As this is my first blog of the New Year, I wish everyone the very best for 2015!

I’ve decided to step up my game this year, and attempt a 365 project-daily shooting. I already shoot a lot of course, but as we all know, more practice equals improved skill.

I’ll be sharing the best of each weeks’ images, and the stories behind them, here on my blog.

My undertaking feels a wee bit daunting right now. What am I going to photograph every single day? I’ll have to see where this project takes me creatively. My boys, of course, are a constant source of inspiration. We are surrounded by amazing natural beauty, that inspires, as it changes with the weather, and seasons. And then there’s life, with the everyday, the ordinary, and the extraordinary. I shouldn’t run out of inspiration:)

Without further explanation, here are this weeks’ pics.

Like any born and raised Canadian family, our family enjoys getting out in the winter. A little cold doesn’t bother us, and there are many fun winter activities we enjoy together. After school fun in the snow is an afternoon ritual.

Rosy cheeks, snowflakes on eyelashes, and building a snowman make winter fun and magical.

Kids winter Portratis


When it wasn’t snowing quite hard enough for Brodie, he’d throw snow up in the air, and sing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”


children's winter portraits


The boys and I are rather proud of our handsome snowman. The kids wondered if he might come to life when we put his magic hat on. They couldn’t agree on a name for him. Brodie thinks his name should be Frosty, and I have to agree that he does look like a Frosty. But David insists that his name is Olaf. Since the release of the movie Frozen, in his mind, all snowmen are Olaf. So the kids gave our snowman warm hugs.


kids winter portraits snowman portrait child's portrait with snowman

Today is cold and snowing again, so our snowman will actually last for awhile, rather than melting in a week long Chinook.

What snowy adventure will we have after school today?

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