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Birthday Letter to my Eldest Son

Today we celebrate seven years of having you in our life. Seven years of watching you grow into an amazing little boy. Happy Birthday Brodie! I’m sharing these lifestyle portraits of you through the years, so everyone can see the wonderful boy you are!

Just like every other family, we have our stories of struggle, triumph, and celebration when it comes to parenting. Your arrival to the world was a little scary. Thanks to the fact that we live in a First World Country, have access to modern medicine, and the blessing of the good Lord, you arrived safely.

Thus began our journey as first-time parents. There have been plenty of ups and downs, highlights, misfortunes, mishaps, and certainly many of those stories that although not funny at the time, we can laugh about now.

Being our first born you had to bear the brunt of our inexperience. You handled it with grace, patience, and you forgive us our mistakes quickly, with all the innocence of a child.

The first year was so much fun, as we watched you make each discovery, and reach each milestone. It was as perfect, as it should be.

baby portraits

But by your toddler years, it became apparent that something was amiss. You seemed to be trying so hard, but you just couldn’t talk to us. Then you gave up. And hard as we tried to get you to make a sound, all you could manage were some very thoughtful mmmmmm, hmmmmmmm sounds, as you pondered, but could not describe the world around you.

Lifestyle Toddler Portraits Brodie_1759

It was a long hard road for all of us, with many tears on my part, as I hoped I was making the right decisions on your behalf-but you did it! You got through your early struggles, you learned to talk, and you achieved all the goals that had been set out for you.

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When your brother arrived, you seemed to know that your lifelong friend was finally in the world with you. I love the strong bond that you two share. You take your role as a big brother so seriously, always protecting and watching out for your little brother.

siblings portraits SadSummerDay

You take things seriously, and yet you love a good joke. You’re careful and cautious, but then you can be quite a daredevil-especially on your motorbike. You’re creative, inquisitive, and you quickly understand the mechanics of how things work. You’re caring, thoughtful, and kind. And you love to be silly.

You’re an amazing little boy, and we love you so. We love watching you grow, and seeing the boy you are becoming. Happy Birthday Brodie- B-Boy!

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