Foothills Ride for STARS

Foothills Ride for STARS

Basking in the beauty and taking in all of autumn’s splendour is how I would sum up yesterday’s Foothills Ride for STARS.

I had the honour and privilege of being the event photographer for this fundraiser event, and for everyone there, it was a glorious way to spend the day.

The Foothills Ride for STARS is one of many fundraisers that provides necessary funding to this essential air ambulance service, which has helped to save many Albertan’s lives over the years.

The ride takes place just West of Priddis on the Homeplace Ranch, and allows horseback riders to spend the day enjoying trail rides, horsemanship, and the stunning scenery.

For those who don’t ride, you can catch a ride on the horse drawn wagon to the cabin, which is the halfway point, where everyone gathers for a rest, visit, music, and refreshments.

Then there are those who choose to hike the trails, and I’m sure are well rewarded with so much forest beauty during their hike.

Although the morning started off cloudy and rainy, the weather for the day turned out perfect, save for the one short rain shower, that had us a bit worried for just a few minutes. After last year’s freezing, wet ride, it was a very welcome contrast.

The sun to warm us, and the absolute peek of fall’s beauty surrounding us, everyone couldn’t help but remark over and over about our awesome day.

I’m glad I could capture it for everyone. I hope I did it justice.

For those wishing to view, and order photos of this event, I will have them available in an online Gallery on my website,, by Monday October 5. Go to my Client Proofing tab. From there you will be able to place your order.

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