Winter moon

Let Go of Your Expectations

Yesterday we awoke to a beautiful winter wonderland. I had been anticipating it the night before, and was excited to capture the spectacular winter scenes, right at sunrise.

But by the time I got my kids sorted out, and myself bundled up, I had already missed the brief moment of sunrise pink.

No worries, I told myself. There would still be colour in the sky, and sparkling morning light after that.

But it didn’t quite happen as I hoped, as wispy clouds filtered the sunlight, muting the colours, sparkle and brilliance I was hoping for. I soon went inside to feed my family, disappointed I was not able to capture the winter scene I had seen in my mind’s eye.

I waited for later afternoon light, and I went cross country skiing, hoping to do justice to the sparking winter scene, before a wind took it all away.

As I set out, my expectation for some dramatic lighting seemed like it was not going to be fulfilled. As many times before with photography (as well as other areas of my life) expectation for a certain thing was stealing the moment, and stopping me from seeing and enjoying what was right in front of me.

As I realized this, I decided to shift my thinking. As I changed my focus, I saw the wonder and appreciated my ski, and the beautiful winter afternoon before me. It was indeed magical, and rather Narnia like.

And although I may not have captured anything as fabulous and dramatic as Ansel Adams, I enjoy these images I did capture.

Mostly, I’m glad I’m finally learning to embrace what is in front of me, and let go of my expectations. Only then, can one truly appreciate, see, and be present in the moment.

Winter Scenery

Winter SceneryWinter botanicals


Winter moon

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  1. Leslie DeWeert

    What lovely pictures that greatly capture God’s wonderful brilliant creation!

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