July Birth Flower-Larkspur

As my favourite summer month is almost over, I wanted to share my latest creation, The Delphinium Bouquet. 

The Larkspur, the plant’s common name, refers to many flowers of the genus Consolida, which are annuals, as well as to the flowers of the genus Delphinium, which tend to be perennials. The Larkspur is a member of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) and is native to parts of the Mediterranean, Africa, and Europe. Larkspurs grow wild in North America, and in Europe, and have become a favourite flower in gardens all over the world. 

The name Larkspur is thought to have come from their resemblance to the claw of the meadowlark. It has also been referred to as the Lark’s Claw, Knight’s Spur, and Lark’s Heel. 

You can see the spur like flower bud. I love the iridescent purple.

The Larkspur has long symbolized positivity, loving bonds, dedication and sincerity. Each Larkspur color holds different meaning. Blue, as in these flowers (also a more rare color in the world of flowers) is said to mean dignity and grace. 

Delphiniums in my Mother in Law’s Garden

My inspiration for this creation began back at my flower garden in Millarville. I had the most sun-baked flower bed on the West facing wall, with poor soil to boot, but these Delphiniums were so tough, and lovely, each year, growing over 6 feet tall. I added some Ladies Mantle, and Lavender to this bouquet, things that had been shared, and replanted to grow each year, and bring me a smile. 

My old sun-baked flower bed.

As with all my Botanical creations, I love how the images and enjoyment of flowers touches each of us in so many ways. From the reward of growing something beautiful in one’s own garden, to the memories of loved ones who have grown it and shared it with us before. A vase on the kitchen table, family sharing a summer day and a glass of lemonade, to digging up, and planting new roots to grow in a new garden, it’s all part of the beauty and bonding gardening can give to us. 

If you had your Birthday this July, I hope you had a wonderful day. 

Source: https://www.almanac.com/content/july-birth-flowers

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  1. Jolene

    I love how you captured the delphiniums beauty!!! One of my favorites for sure!!!

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