Botanical Wildflower Fine Art {Kananaskis, AB}

For a long while now, I’ve been in love with Vintage Botanical Flower Prints. These were originally presented as illustrations, with a very artful, and scientific feel. I wanted to create something that replicated this look, using Photography, to create Fine Art Prints. So last summer I created flat lay images of some of our lovely and prolific mid-summer wildflowers.

I created an arrangement with purple and pink hues which includes Harebell, Wild Bergamot, Aster, Smooth Fleabane, Vetch, and Paintbrush.

Purple Wildflower Botanicals


I then created an arrangement with sunny yellow hues which includes Goldenrod, Blanketflower, Cinquefoil, Red Paintbrush, Yellow Sweet Clover, Northern Bedstraw, and Aster.

Vintage Wildflower Botanical Print

All of the flowers are local to the Foothills and Kananaskis areas of Alberta. Many of them can be found Province wide. Wildflowers have captured my interest and imagination since I was a child. I am still fascinated by the intricate details of each species. I often pour over books, learning about each one, appreciating their science and beauty.

I was careful to not pick rare wildflowers, which destroy the plant from picking, like the Wood Lily.

So I’m pleased to offer these Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints I’ve created of local Botanical Wildflowers that you can enjoy all year long.

Wildflower Botanical Prints on Display

These are available in my Fine Art Gallery, or you can contact me for details.


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Leighton Centre Summer Art Camps {Millarville-Okotoks, AB}

Last summer I was asked to spend some time capturing the fun, creativity, and action at the Leighton Centre Children’s Summer Art Camps. In addition to working on this very enjoyable project, my own two sons were invited to spend a week at Art Camp. It was a creative, and wonderful way to spend a week, for all of us. 

Commercial and Promotional Photography is becoming a notable new focus of my business, and it is always fascinating and rewarding to help another business or organization with their promotional material and marketing.

Every summer the Leighton Centre offers week long Summer Art Camps for children aged 6-14. Led by a team of talented artists, children are given wide variety of mediums to work with, and a unique variety of projects to work on throughout the week. 

The Historic 1919 Ballyhamage red one-room schoolhouse, converted to a Art Studio, serves as the heart of the Children’s Art Camps, with a weaving studio and a pottery studio serving as studio-classrooms as well. 

Historic one-room schoolhouse Leighton Centre


The week kicks off with a tour of the Leighton Centre Museum, where the kids learn about the founders of the Centre, Mr. Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton and Mrs. Barbara Leighton, who were both extremely talented artists. Some of the techniques employed by Mrs. Leighton, such as vinyl cut block-stencil are explored by the students during the week. 


Kids at Leighton Museum


Kids at Leighton Museum


The kids then make tie dye t-shirts for themselves, that they wear during the week, when working on messy projects. 

Tie dye at Leighton Summer Camp


During their week at Camp, kids get to work with clay, weave, learn needle felting, make string art, make hand-made paper, and learn sketching and painting techniques. Kids also spend time outdoors, playing games, and exploring the beautiful grounds of the Leighton Centre. 

Art Camp at the Leighton Centre


Paper making at the Leighton Centre


Art Camp at the Leighton Centre


Art Camp at the Leighton Centre


Art Camp at the Leighton Centre


Art Camp at the Leighton Centre

With all the forest fires happening last summer, we weren’t sure the kids would get to do as many hikes, or do their outdoor sketching, but we were fortunate when mid-week the wind took the smoke away, and we were able to see the breathtaking view, and the kids were able to make sketches and paintings of what they saw. 


Art & Nature Summer Camp at the Leighton Centre


Art & Nature Summer Camp at the Leighton Centre


After a week of creating, the Summer Art Camp wraps up with an Art Show for parents and families to view the work of their budding artists. The kids along with their instructors put on a very professional show. 


Kids Art Show, Leighton Centre


Kids Art Show, Leighton Centre


Summer Camps at the Leighton Centre are a very rich and rewarding experience for kids. Be sure to check out their calendar, as this Summer’s Camps are already filling up. Get your budding Artist a spot at Camp today. 

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Mice and Mailboxes {Small Business Start-Up, Shared Spaces-Okotoks}

I recently had the opportunity to do some whimsical product photography of miniature proportions.

Helping small business owners promote their products and services with photography has become a new area of focus for my business. Our world is increasingly visual, so great photography can really help a small business propel their image further, and is it great part of any marketing plan. It has been my honour to help several small business owners these past few months, and I look forward to helping many more to come.

Patty’s Business is just getting started. Her idea is very unique, and a great, interactive way to promote positive values in children.

Paddy fashions small houses, fit for a mouse, which are in fact mailboxes for children. Parents can deliver small note cards and encouragement through the mailbox slot in the roof, to their child. Parents can also leave small parcels-gifts to reward a child’s good behaviour and positive efforts. (Paddy sells the small note cards and small gift boxes to go with the mailbox delivery)

House for a mouse Children's mailboxes


Children then have their own key, for accessing their mailbox and finding their encouragement or reward, and promoting responsibility (to not lose their key).


House mail special delivery children's special delivery



The felted mice that Paddy sells are the perfect addition to go with the mailboxes.

These cute and whimsical little creatures bring the child’s imagination to life, really adding to the fun and story that can be created around the mailboxes.

I had a great time creating scenes and stories for the mice, and my kids really enjoyed them, and made up stories of their own for each mouse.

felted mouse fishing in pond farmer felted mouse seaside felted mouse happy birthday felted mouse


Paddy’s collection of “House Mail, Special Delivery”, mice and mailboxes can be found in Okotoks, at the newest collaborative space for crafters and artisans, Shared Spaces.

Shared Spaces opened last weekend, and looks to be a great new boutique located at 8 McRae Street in Okotoks.

If you have a chance this weekend, I highly recommend checking them out.

Best of luck to you Paddy, and I wish you great success with ‘House Mail, Special Delivery”.

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Marc & Jaimee’s Wedding {The Norland Historic Estate, Lethbridge, AB}

This weekend Marc and Jaimee tied the knot, and I was honoured to be there to capture their beautiful day.

The morning was wet and cold, with snow flurries, and I was not sure how their day was going to turn out. But Jaimee, and many from her family, and Wedding Party, are hearty stock, many of them having lived, or still reside in Yellowknife. So they were determined not to let al little bit of cold and snow mess with their day.

As luck would have it, the clouds began to clear in the afternoon, and although very chilly, their outdoor wedding turned out beautifully.

The Norland Historic Estate is a very elegant, and lovely venue. For Jaimee and Marc, having their wedding at the Norland was all the more special and meaningful, as Jaimee’s Grandpa (recently passed away) had done a lot of work with restorations and renovations on The Norland. So honouring his memory was very important as they celebrated their wedding.

It was made clear during the reception and toasts just how fun loving the two of them are, devoted to each other, and how well loved and supported they both are by their friends and family.

Congratulations to you both!

Getting ready, at The Norland


Father of the Bride-walk down the isle


Ring bearer, and Flower Girls


The Norland Historic Estate


Wedding Party Portrait at The Norland


Bridal Portrait at The Norland Bride and Groom at The Norland


Bride and Groom Portrait at The Norland


Wedding Reception at The Norland


First Dance at The Norland

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Spring in the North {Nature Photography, High Prairie, AB}

Spring has always brought mixed feelings for me. It’s such an exciting time of growth, renewal, and promise, as one looks forward to warmer, brighter days ahead. The snow melts and the first greens begin. And the sounds of spring are welcoming to the ears, after the cold silence of winter.

Mixed with the excitement and energy of spring, I often have felt an impatience and frustration, as springtime in Alberta takes a very long time to really get underway.

When I was a young person growing up in High Prairie, Alberta, and learning about photography, I really disliked early spring from a photographic viewpoint. Everything was brown, mud was everywhere, and the drab landscape failed to inspire me photographically. It was difficult to match the excitement I felt with spring in the air, to the seemingly colourless landscape around me, when my eyes thirsted to see green and spring colours.

It seemed to me that spring was much more exciting somewhere else, and the photos that others were capturing of spring were far more interesting than my own.

Fields of daffodils, tulips, streets lined with cherry trees in full bloom, none of this was the spring of my young adulthood, or is my experience, even now.

And yet there are many things that I enjoy about spring. I love to hear the frogs singing, filling the air with their musical chorus. I love the return of all the birds, their singing, the geese, ducks, and swans flying through the air, swimming in ponds, and making their brief stop, before travelling further North.

Since moving to Southern Alberta I’ve missed this mass migration of birds, and the sights and sounds of the Northern wetlands in the spring. We have some waterfowl that stay here, but nothing compared to what we used to see in the North. While I love my gorgeous mountain views and rolling foothills, there’s something about marshes, ponds, and wetlands, and their sights and sounds, that I have missed.

This Easter our family had the opportunity to stay and visit in our home town of High Prairie, Alberta, for a few days. I was really looking forward to capturing images of spring in the North as I remembered it from my younger days. But with a fresh perspective, as I am slowly letting go of all my preconceived notions and doubts about my own artistic abilities. And my belief that everyone else’s  images are better than my own. Being content with my own life-not constantly comparing myself, my surroundings, or my experiences, to those of others.

As things would have it, it snowed most of our trip. Nearly every day it snowed while we were visiting. The drab colourless sky, and white ground reminded me of how I used to feel about spring.

Fortunately the day before we decided to come home, the sun came out, and the day turned lovely.

That evening I was able to capture some of the magic of spring that I remember, yet had been unable to capture visually when I was younger.

The big, wide open skies, and lovely evening light were everything I wanted it to be on my last evening at my in-laws.

As I stopped wishing for things I’d like to see, and truly appreciated what was around me, I enjoyed a beautiful evening walk.

Ponds with reflections, pussy willows, a hawk that flew over.



pussy willows

Some swans flew over, and I missed the shot, and felt momentarily disappointed. Their call is a lot different than that of geese, so I kept my ears alert, and hoped I would hear, and see another group of swans. As luck would have it, I did, and was able to capture a few images of swans in the sky.

Birds in spring

The music of the water running through the ditches as it journeyed to the Iroquois Lakes, was a peaceful and lovely sound.

wetlands in spring

pussy willows in spring

These last images captured as the light was fading, and my lens grew heavy, perhaps did not turn out perfectly, but I love the painterly, soft quality of the colours, and the light.

artistic spring photos


It’s taken me a lot of years to finally start to see things as they are, appreciating their true beauty, and to not be wishing and hoping for things that aren’t there. I’m excited for where this journey will take me.

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The River {Unscripted Documentary Child Photography}

Well, it’s not actually a river.  But the other day, as I walked down our driveway, the warm springlike weather had created a small river on our lane. The rivulets of water carved small channels as the water followed the destination chose for it by gravity, down the hill. The cheerful sound was musical and uplifting.

After collecting the kids from the bus at the bottom of our hill, our walk back up was filled with excitement about “the river”.
But once we arrived back at the house, and snacks were eaten, their laziness threatened to set in, as they each vied for a turn on the iPad to play Minecraft.

But when there’s a river on your driveway, and a warm wind blowing, it begs you to go outside and explore it more fully. To put on your rubber boots, and old clothes, and see where your imagination takes you. So after some mild prodding, that’s just what we did. And it was time well spent.


The springlike weather also insists one get out their camera, and see what inspiration you can find in a river, so I followed the children to the puddles, to see what would unfold.

Although I was right there with them, I stayed silent, and I became a quiet observer of their imaginative story they were acting out. It played out something like an action comic book, with a snow world, a pizza world, evil snowmen, a Death Star, a toucan, swords, ninjas, guns, and bombs blowing things up. I really don’t know what it was about, but it was quite a story to listen to.

Kids Spring Lifestyle Portraits

I love how David still takes his sword everywhere. And I actually got some great, natural, unscripted images of Brodie, who I have struggled to photograph lately, as like many kids his age, he often  puts on a very posed, unnatural smile for photos. I know these natural portraits of them playing their game will be a great memory to look back on in the years to come. 

Documentary Child Photography

The river didn’t last long. Yesterday David and I went for a walk, and he was disappointed to find it only a trickle. The snow that fed its headwaters has nearly all melted. But these fleeting moments of spring,  and the imagination they awake are worth soaking up, and enjoying.

Millarville Child Photographer

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Pirate Adventures-The Magic of Childhood

I think every young boys’ imagination has been captured by pirates at some point or another, and my boys are no different.

Imagine sailing the seas, following adventure whichever way the wind blows, while searching for treasure.

Eyepatches, sword-fights, hooks for hands, and of course, treasure maps, it all makes for the best stories ever.

This past weekend we enjoyed unseasonably warm weather, so I took advantage of the warmth and lovely November light to capture candid portraits my boys playing pirates, a photo shoot I’ve wanted to do with them for a long time.

We’ve enjoyed playing pirates quite often through the years, and have dressed up at as them for Halloween several times, so we have quite a collection of pirate costumes and props.

The Pirate ship which we’ve used as our set in these photos, was made by my husband several years ago for our neighbours’ children. Their children have since grown up, but the fabulous pirate ship treehouse is just a short walk away, and our boys love to play there as a special treat.

I’m sure there will be many years yet of pirate adventures for us. I believe it’s even pirate week at school, this week.

Until next time, Hi diddle dee, A Pirate’s Life for Me!

children playing pirates

children playing pirates

Millarville children's portraits

kids playing pirates

candid kids portraits


Kids Pirate themed photo shoot

Kids Pirate themed photo shoot


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Anniversary Edition of a Fabulous Fall Wedding {Edmonton, AB}

It’s Flashback Friday, and I could not think of an edition more perfect to feature than this fantastic fall Wedding I photographed back in 2005, which is still an all time favourite of mine. The timing of it makes a nice trip down memory lane for this amazing couple, as tomorrow is their Anniversary.

Leona and I grew up in the same small town in Northern Alberta. Every Wedding I had photographed up until that point took place at one of the few venues our small town had to offer. So it was a real honour to be asked to photograph a Wedding in the “big city” and explore new venues and  scenery.

The Minister of the Church where Patrick and Leona were married had requested that I not take photos during the ceremony itself, except from the balcony. This was new to me, but it did allow for some large scale images, and with a zoom lens, I was able to capture the action from above, without interfering with the ceremony.

Wedding in Church

Here, the happy couple celebrates after their ceremony. Leona and Patrick’s fun, carefree personalities made the day so much fun.

wedding couple celebrating with champagne

For their Wedding Portraits we went to the renowned Magrath Mansion. The beautiful grounds, and the stunning architecture of the mansion were a delight to work with, and we had a lot of fun creating images here. We were even allowed to use this antique convertible in a few shots.

Mother and Bride Portrait Bridesmaids at McGrath Mansion Convertible at McGrath Mansion Wedding Party at McGrath Mansion, Edmonton, AB Groomsmen at McGrath Mansion Bride and Groom by Fountain, McGrath Mansion Bride and Groom Fall Portrait Bride and Groom Portrait

In addition to the lovely grounds of Magrath Mansion, Patrick and Leona, had spotted this brilliant tree-lined street which we had to go by on the way to their Reception. So we stopped for a few quick photos to take advantage of the brightly coloured leaves. I’m so glad we did.

Fall Wedding Portraits Fall Bridal Portrait Bride with Gerber Daisies bouquet Bride and Groom autumn portraits bride and groom running through fall leaves Bride and sister portrait

Even though it’s been eleven years, and we have relocated, it was such an honour and  delight to be tracked down by Leona this spring, and reconnect once again. And my biggest honour yet was being asked by Leona to photograph her family this fall. I sure hope we can arrange our schedules to make it happen. It will be really nice to see you both again, and meet your family.

Happy Anniversary you two, and I’ll be in touch soon!



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Foothills Ride for STARS Fundraising Event {Homeplace Ranch, Priddis, AB}

This past Saturday was a fine fall day, perfect for the Foothills Ride for STARS Fundraiser. This annual event raises money for the STARS Air Ambulance, a life-saving service we are all grateful for. The organizers, and riders, all avid horsemen and women, feel that their favourite pastime is not without it’s risks, as well as the fact that oftentimes horseback riding takes you out into remote areas. If ever they, or a loved one needs STARS, they are grateful to know they’ll be there, so everyone is happy to support STARS through this ride.

The Foothills Ride for STARS takes place at the beautiful Homeplace Ranch, located near Priddis, AB. This private Ranch offers miles and miles of scenic trails, and breathtaking views, for riders to enjoy.

Riders set off after a hearty breakfast, on a trail taking them around a small lake.

horseback riding in Alberta Foothills horseback riding

The riding group called The Hunt enjoyed jumps set up for them, and were an impressive group to watch.

Horseback riding club -The Hunt


There is a cozy cabin set deep in the woods, the perfect place for a rest stop, and a chance to regroup. But to get there, riders needed to cross a creek. It was a bit of an adventure for  some, as there were several horses that did not want to cross the creek. But eventually, with some persuasion, all riders and horses made it across.

horseback riding southern alberta


crossing a creek on a horse


foothills ride for STARS


Everyone had a nice rest stop at the cabin, and then regrouped for the last half of the ride.

Alberta cowboy Foothills Ride for STARS


Here, event organizer, Anne Thompson, prepares to lead her group on the trail.

Foothills Ride for STARS horseback trail ride

For those who don’t ride, but love to take in the day, two horse-drawn wagons took passengers on a nice ride around the Ranch.

Horse drawn wagon from Indus, AB

A few hikers joined the event as well, ambitiously hiking the trails along with the horseback riders.

hikers in the foothills

It was a fabulous day, enjoyed by all, followed by a delicious supper, and entertainment in the evening.

cowgirl riding in the foothills

Thank you so much for allowing me to come and capture the fun, for the third year in a row.

For those who wish to view and order photos from the event, please visit my website and visit the Client Proofing link. I’ve reactivated the 2014, 2015 Galleries as well, if anyone wants to check out the memories, or if you missed ordering from previous years.

Galleries will be available until October 31.

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Chris and Krista’s Country Wedding {Millarville, AB}

This past weekend I had the honour of capturing the Wedding Celebration of Chris and Krista. I’m only just beginning to get to know them both, but I can already see what a wonderful couple they are, and how well loved they both are by their family, friends, and community.

Their ceremony took place at our Millarville Community Church, with pastor Allen presiding over their ceremony.

vintage bike as Wedding Decor

Their ceremony was beautiful, a wonderful description of God’s love for all of us, and the covenant of Marriage, a promise strengthened through His love.

Wedding rings on Bible

After their ceremony, and a few family pictures at the church, we made our way to the Corner Stone Farm, located  by the intersection of Highway 22, and Highway 22 x.

Although it was overcast, the forecast for thundershowers, and the clouds threatening all day long, we were blessed as the rain held off for the whole time we were taking pictures.

The historic big red barn is a great landmark, and the property has lovely grounds for capturing rustic, county wedding portraits.

Cornerstone Farm on the Cowboy Trail

Wedding Party Portrait the Cornerstone Farm

Bride and Groom Millarville Wedding

Country Wedding Millarville

Bridesmaids Millarville Wedding

Groomsmen Millarville Wedding

I loved all the beautiful details of Krista and Chris’s Wedding, and Krista has a wonderful way of including lovely, soft colours, county vintage flair, as well as touching tributes to family, like in her pretty bouquet, adorned with family pictures of their loved ones, who have gone on before.

country wedding flower details

Bride's bejewelled shoes

I would have loved to spend another hour photographing at the Corner Stone farm, but alas, they had guests awaiting their arrival for supper, so we raced off to the Millarville Racetrack Hall for their Wedding Reception.

Krista and Chris had a few special portraits they wanted me to create for them at the Millarville Racetrack grounds, and I’m so glad we took those few extra moments to do so before dinner.

Krista formerly took part in the sport of barrel racing, so she really wanted a portrait with her horse, Jack. The light was soft and perfect, and the backdrop of the Creekside Campground was perfect for these beautiful portraits of the bride with her horse.

Chris, who loves motorcycles, wanted some portraits with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. And they also wanted some Harley and Horses portraits together.

Although all of this made them a teensy bit late for dinner, it was well worth the bit of time it took to create these portraits.

bride with horse Millarville Racetrack

Harleys and Horses

Groom on Harley

Inside the Millarville Racetrack Hall, Krista had transformed the cozy, rustic hall, into a charming antique, vintage setting, complete with antique furniture from her family’s old homestead, soft beautiful colours, lovely lighting, and rustic county touches everywhere.

Their wedding cake on this lovely antique dresser was a wonderful decorative feature, and a hit with the kids, who kept coming up to visit the cupcakes.

The hoops filled with family photos were a wonderful, personal touch. A pie bar, filled with homemade pies all made by Krista’s mom, was a complete hit, when it came time for dessert.

Pinterest worthy Wedding reception

In keeping with the old saying that it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, the rain poured down after dinner, during the evening.

I love the first dance, as the Bride and Groom steal a moment together. Although they are surrounded by their guests, it becomes just them, as they are alone on the dance floor with the music.

bride and groom first dance at Millarville Racetrack

I especially love these images from the Father & Daughter dance. You can’t hear what they are talking about above the music, but you can see they are sharing a very special, and beautiful moment together.

father and daughter dance at  Millarville Racetrack

father and daughter dance at  Millarville Wedding

Congratulations Chris and Krista. I’m so happy for your family, and wish you all the best.


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